06 July, 2012

Arc Tracker for Maya 2012 ~Spencer Jones

Tired of wondering if your animation is flat and stale... well, no more!! Spencer Jones just finished up with a new arc tracking tool for Maya 2012.  Spencer is an Animation Mentor Alumni and currently works at Rockstar Games North in Scotland (there's a link to his demo reel just above).  There's a link below to download... you should check it out and use it on your next animation, get those super sweet arcs that look so rad!!  Thanks a ton Spencer!

Animation Arc Tracker 1.1.0
- Track an objects motion (Auto updates. Uses Maya Motion Trails)
- Track with thorough option (Does not auto update. Slow but thorough)
- Track timeline range or override with custom range
- Change colours for path, keyframes, in-betweens
- Show Keyframe or all frame numbers
- Toggle Xray draw
- Zoom controls for active camera/viewport
- Attach To option for moving cameras (Temporarily disabled)
- Dockable UI


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