06 March, 2012

The Little Painter ~ Kenny Roy

You may or may not have heard of Kenny Roy or Arconyx Studios.... If not, check this out.  Kenny has been animating for quite some time, he has his own studio in Culver City, CA and is  a Mentor at Animation Mentor.  Click here for a list of movies he's worked on.

One night, he had a dream that is so close to turning into a reality.  He's working on a short film called The Little Painter.  One thing needed in this day and age to produce anything is money!  He put together a 24 hour animation marathon.  In one day (consecutively) he went from planning to rendering one of the shots in his film.  He covered a lot of things and answered a lot of questions.  Not sure if he's going to post it online for viewing (I'll let you know).  You can go and donate, up until April 4th, 2012... Even if it's only $1, every bit helps!

Kenny also has a website with all kinds of animation content, blogs, rigs, tutorials, etc.  www.kennyroy.com.  You can use the code "rockon30" and get 30% off.

Also, How to Cheat in Maya 2012 is a great book to have on your side, written by Kenny (as well as Eric Luhta)  

I'm very excited for this project and Kenny... he is very passionate and inspiring!  

Here's a bit about the film The Little Painter....

The King sends Pierre to a far away castle to paint a portrait of the princess, but little Pierre falls hopelessly in love instead!