10 August, 2010

Plastic Animation Paper 4.0!! For FREE!

If you're an Animator, this is something you MUST have in your 'Animation Toolbox'. It's a completely FREE software that is ideal for thumb-nailing and planning out your shots (heck, you could even create an entire animation with it!). It's called Plastic Animation Paper v4.0. Fully customizable interface, very intuitive design, take your animation planning to the next level and endless possibilities and what you can do with it!


Go through the tutorials and learn about all this awesome software can do!!


One thing that they recommend is that you have a Wacom tablet, but you can still use a mouse if you don't have one (I recommend getting one anyway, another "tool" for you arsenal). This is amazing stuff, it does a lot and it could really help save time when you're in the planning stage of animation!! I recommend it, and I'm definitely going to be using it on my next shot!

Thanks PAP!!


  1. And here I've been using Monkey Jam all this time at college... Thank you for spreading the word! I'm definitely telling my classmates about this. :D

  2. For sure. This is like Monkey Jam on steroids!

  3. Hi

    One question please: Do you know by chance if this software PAP uses lips synchronization?

  4. I'm not sure Carlos... I haven't used it for that yet.